Avoid These Common Podcasting Mistakes

By Chloe Dinsdale Oct 9, 2019

Available both when and where people want them, podcasts are now a popular way for brands and businesses to communicate relevant and valuable content to audiences. 

As this new trend grows exponentially in strength, it’s easy to want to jump on board and craft your very own podcast. After all, research predicts even stronger podcast returns in the years ahead, forecasting that podcast revenue will surge to $659 million by 2020 (a 110% hike from 2017). As monthly podcast listeners grow year over year, more and more people will be paying attention to your content. 

Be sure to make a good impression with listeners, both new and old. Here are the most common podcasting mistakes to avoid.

Being inconsistent.

Consistency is key! Not only do you want to publish podcast episodes on a schedule that is consistent, but you want your content, as well as your brand’s or business’s tone and voice, to be consistent. Listeners who are looking to hear from you will expect new content depending on the schedule you set. Be consistent, and you will grow your audience. 

Expecting popularity, fast.

Podcasting does provide great returns but only if you put in the appropriate amount of time and work! You won’t see a ton of positive results immediately, so be prepared to work for the long haul. Plan long-term before you put up a single episode. Figure out ahead of time what kinds of topics you will discuss or what kinds of guests you want to feature.

Using low-quality recording equipment.

Remember, content should be relevant and valuable. At the same time, your podcasts should be listenable, too. Even if you attract listeners, you won’t keep them if their listening experience is not enjoyable. Purchase high-quality equipment for a high-quality podcast! 

Not having a call to action.

Listeners don’t want you to try to sell too many products or services to them. However, podcasts can also work in your favor — if you are offering great content for free, ask that your audience follow through with at least one call to action per podcast episode. Perhaps a listener could sign up for an email newsletter, follow a social media account, or subscribe to the podcast itself. The possibilities are endless. 

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