Why Podcasting Is More Intimate than Other Forms of Digital Content

By StoryStudio Feb 7, 2020

The focus of content-creators is to connect with current and prospective users to raise awareness, build brand loyalty, and create a positive relationship. When your content connects, your target audience feels as if they share something special with your brand as a result.

Blogs, video, and social media posts all do a great job of engaging with audiences, but podcasting takes the cake when it comes to making things more personal with users.

First and foremost, podcast listeners see podcasting as more authentic. Podcast conversations happen off the cuff, which is a sharp contrast to blogs where writing is edited, or video has been heavily produced. With podcasting, there is an element of “realness” to each episode and the people who are speaking to the listener.

Not only does podcasting feel more real and more authentic, but podcasting also puts real people and real conversations into the spotlight. Yes, there are many podcast hosts with large personalities that listeners know and love. But someone just like the listener can be featured on the show as well, as a co-host or in an interview.


It’s also possible for podcast listeners to connect with other members of the podcast audience, as social media forms and grows around the podcast community. Social media networks are critical for podcast growth and engagement and promote the idea that podcasting is more social and inclusive than a broadcast medium like radio, for example. With real people and real conversations in the mix, podcast listeners will view your brand as something relatable that they can stand behind.

A great podcast episode will speak one-on-one to the listener, and, as a result, a strong relationship between brand and listener will be built along the way. Most people listen to podcasts by themselves, rather than surrounded by a group of other fans and listeners. You will find a listener engaging with podcast content as they drive to work, do chores, or participate in many other solo experiences. Because of this, a more intimate relationship is formed, as listeners consume podcast content by themselves, getting to know you and your brand through various levels of engagement (the show, social-network posts, and conversations, interviews, etc.).

A great relationship is founded on trust, authenticity, and reliability. With podcasting, establishing these things is easy.

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