Should you Start a Podcast?

By StoryStudio Jun 10, 2019

Refreshing your content marketing strategy and looking for something new? Should that something new be a podcast?

No doubt you’ve heard the buzz around podcasts, and they are worth exploring if you’re looking to get into the ears of your ideal customer. But how do you know if a podcast really is for you? Read below for scenarios that will help you decide. 

You're trying to spice things up.

  • In order to become a leader in your industry, diversifying the channels you use to distribute content to your target audience is key. Blog posts, social media engagement, interactive content—if you want to cover all the bases, you’ll want to include podcasts in the mix. 

You’re interested in producing long-form content.

  • Unlike a 240-character tweet or short news article, a podcast allows you to cover topics in depth. As Salesforce reports, “Three percent of monthly podcast consumers listen to the beginning of a podcast only. By and large, podcast listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the full episode.” 

You want your piece of the revenue pie.

  • In 2017, US podcast advertising captured $314 million in revenue, a rise of 86% from 2016’s $169 million. With 17% of marketers planning to add podcasting to their marketing strategies, it’s clear there is more money to be had! 

You want your voice to be personal.

  • Podcasts, like video, let you build personal connections with your audience. These connections are critical for establishing trust between your brand and its customers—and this trust is critical for building brand loyalty. 

You want to stay ahead.

  • As podcast audiences grow exponentially, so might your desire to host one. That’s understandable—podcasts provide a great opportunity for those who want to be on the forefront of new trends. Research predicts podcast revenue to surge to $659 million by 2020, which is a 110% hike from 2017’s numbers.  

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