3 Reasons Why Podcasts Should Be Core to Your Content Strategy

By Chloe Dinsdale Apr 2, 2020

It’s 2020 and one thing is clear. People love podcasts! It’s hard to go a day without hearing about podcasts. Podcasts are one of the fastest growing and hottest trends in digital content this year.

Some brands are still hesitant to jump into the podcasting area, but once you hear what this content platform can do for you, you’ll wish you took the leap a whole lot sooner. 

Read on for 3 reasons why podcasts should be central to your content marketing strategy.

1. Better storytelling = better engagement.

One of the most challenging obstacles a marketer has to overcome is difficulty with engaging customers. One study reports that 57% of customers will avoid a brand if it inundates users’ channels with marketing content. In comparison, podcasting takes a storytelling approach when it comes to communicating with customers. This method of storytelling is non-intrusive, and creates value for the listener, compelling them to come back for more. 


2. Getting started is easier than you might think.

The turnaround time for some marketing methods — infographic creation, video editing — can be lengthy and exhausting. But podcasting has a much quicker turnaround time in comparison. All you must do is create a short intro segment, record your conversation, and re-listen for good audio quality. On top of that, starting and recording a podcast requires a low level of investment.


3. Your target audience is listening.

In a 2019 survey conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital (an audio technology and advertising company), it was reported that the number of young podcast listeners is on the rise. 40% percent of people between the ages of 12 and 24 listened to a podcast last month — a 10 percent jump from 2018. Even further, listeners over age 55 are also starting to warm up to podcast listening. In 2019, 17% of this demographic reported listening to podcasts monthly, an increase from 2018’s 13%.

“For many years, people from inside and outside the industry have talked about the ‘slow and steady’ growth [of podcasts],” says Hernan Lopez, CEO of podcast network Wondery. “They can’t say ‘slow and steady’ anymore.”

At the StoryStudio, we make creating branded podcasts simple. We partner with brands to create custom sponsored podcasts in our in-house studio with the talent of their choice and distribute it to their target audience to guarantee engaged listeners. 

Interested in how podcasting can work for your brand? Drop us a line and one of our Creative Strategists will be in touch!


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