This is What’s Really Driving Podcasting Growth

By Alison Pfaff Nov 25, 2019

When we pay attention to statistics, we learn what is happening with consumer behavior. What do these statistics say about podcasts as an avenue for content marketing? Why is audio on the rise?

According to the Podcast Consumer 2019 research study conducted by Edison Research, a whopping 70% of Americans, over 197 million people, have heard about podcasts, up from 64% in 2018. According to the same study, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast before, and more than 90 million Americans listen to podcasts regularly. With such a large percentage of the country already adopting this audio format, and we can confidently predict that the popularity of podcasts will continue to snowball. 

Why? Increased accessibility.
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Just a few years ago, podcasts were accessed primarily via computers. Now, both podcasts and streaming platforms are geared towards on-the-go consumption. Both mobile apps and streaming services make podcast listening easy and attractive. The amount of people tuning into podcasts via smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home has increased by more than 10% since 2017, and 39% of smart speaker owners listen to a podcast at least once a week. (Convince & Convert)

One of the biggest drivers of this consumption is that podcasts support the multi-tasking of today’s listener. Users can’t read an e-book while doing the dishes and watching a YouTube video is difficult during errands. However, with podcasts, listeners can consume content while doing virtually anything — 59% of podcast fans have listened to an episode while doing housework, and 52% have done so while driving. Because consumers don’t need to carve out extra time to listen to their favorite show, these consumers listen to podcasts, and they listen to them a lot at nearly all times of the day.


Interested in creating your own branded podcast? Here's how we can help!


StoryStudio Dedicated Podcasts

A native podcast is a one-off or series of totally custom podcast episodes produced by the StoryStudio creative team. We work one-on-one with out clients to create podcasts using the same process as when we craft interactive, visual, and sponsored editorial content.

Production Package:

  • Studio Time.
  • Voice talent.
  • Editing.
  • Script writing.
  • Podcast. We will produce a podcast up to 15 minutes long with the option to add additional time by the minute.
  • An evergreen Sponsored Podcast Landing page that lives on the regional Hearst digital property of your choice.
  • A 15 second promotional spot.

Promotion Includes:

  • A guaranteed number of native ad unit impressions on preferred Hearst properties that bring your target audience to the podcast viewing page.
  • Guaranteed ad unit impressions via podcast syndication network.
  • Sponsored Social Media posts tailored to your desired audience.

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