Why Your Healthcare Marketing Needs this One Thing

By Chloe Dinsdale Nov 12, 2021

No more dry marketing techniques! No more of sending direct mail flyers that might just end up in the garbage bin, no more intrusive traditional marketing, no more spending time and money on marketing strategies that today’s consumers are only bound to ignore. 

According to Demand Metric, 44% of people ignore direct mail, with a whopping 88% of people ignoring television advertisements. Content marketing is now the key to success, as it brings three times as many leads as marketing that is traditional. Content marketing can even save your budget, costing 62% less than traditional marketing on average!

Target audiences for healthcare businesses know this too — when searching online for the information they need, they gravitate towards content that is relevant and valuable to their needs. But posting content that is relevant and valuable is not always enough! If you’re pouring significant amounts of dollars into your marketing campaigns, make sure you always tell a story. 


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Storytelling is the one thing that always brings people together. For marketing strategies in particular, storytelling is useful because it engages audiences, inspires questions and comments, and touches on emotions. For the healthcare world in particular, storytelling stands out as a powerful marketing tool that brings many benefits. A great story is relatable and compels the viewer or reader. It leads to better patient engagement, awareness, and conversion. In fact, consumers are even willing to pay more for services and product if these services and products are presented with a story (AdWeek). 

With a story, you can convey the real benefits and realities of your practice, company, or services. Instead of simply telling your audience what the experience is like with dull descriptions, you can instead craft a vivid picture with a story. This story will show what potential patients can expect to go through — emotions, challenges, answers, and more. This is important because when it comes to healthcare especially, customers do not want to be surprised. 

If you can show a prospective patient a story about how you have successfully helped another person, the prospective patient will then see and understand how they can be helped as well. From this understanding, a conversion is more likely. As they say, facts can tell but stories sell!

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