Storytelling and Audience Targeting Creates Success for Healthcare Brands

By Chloe Dinsdale Apr 28, 2022

If you’ve ever searched the Internet, chances are, at one time or another, you’ve looked for information about healthcare. Whether it’s trying to trace symptoms, look for treatments, or decipher medication instructions, one in every 20 Google searches is related to healthcare. And nearly 50% of all Internet users search for information about doctors and health professionals.

We know that the prospective patients are out there, most often seeking out solutions to a problem, concern or misunderstanding about their health. We also know healthcare brands have important information to offer and stories to tell. But how do we make the connection? 

The key is effective storytelling paired with reaching the most relevant audience(s). We’re here to connect brands to the right audiences to drive results and success.

Creating and promoting content for healthcare brands can be tricky because healthcare must remain HIPPA compliant and respect users’ privacy. Fortunately, our proprietary AI enables you to target a specific audience based on your specific objectives, niche, or services all within respective compliance guidelines. We make sure the right content get’s in front of the right audience, wherever they might be. 

From medical providers to specific medical treatments, we understand the importance of relevance, geography, and interests with our audiences. Brands like Mayzent®, CooperVision®, United Healthcare, Covenant Health, and Tufts Medical Center–only to name a few–have all found success in the storytelling + reaching the right audiences formula.

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