Interactivity is Changing the Game with Healthcare Audiences

By Chloe Dinsdale Apr 15, 2022

When trying to connect with an audience, no matter what your objective, there’s no better way to tap into a reader’s heart and mind than with detailed personal storytelling. This is especially true in healthcare, where potential customers can see pieces of themselves in the stories of real people experiencing real-life trauma, treatment, and recovery. These stories not only educate and motivate, but they also provide hope to readers who might be dealing with something similar in their own lives.

But this approach also presents a challenge. Healthcare is an incredibly private and personal topic. It’s also a very difficult thing to generalize. Every individual’s health situation is completely unique, dependent on a complex equation of factors, like genetics, environment, and experience. So how does a brand completely engage a reader who only relates to certain parts of your story?

The answer: Invite them to take part.

Interactive elements like decision trees and quizzes are a great way to reach multiple types of readers and address their specific needs and wants. In general, people love to talk about themselves, and a well-designed quiz can tap into that basic desire — not to mention the human obsession with clicking buttons.


Quizzes generate longer read times and audience engagement by asking readers to take part and experience content in a different way. Here’s how:

  • Quizzes boost engagement by making a reader stop, think, and react. This turns readers from passive scrollers to active participants.
  • The content provided to the reader is more personalized and delivered directly, instead of having to be parsed from a larger story.
  • At the same time, quizzes can be designed to speak to different specific consumer personas within the wider audience.
  • These quizzes can be customized to each healthcare client, emphasizing specific services, treatments, medications, or public awareness campaigns.
  • Through the answers given, clients can get to better know their potential customers.


Perhaps most importantly, quizzes can be fun, leaving the customer entertained, educated, and with positive impression of your brand.

Building a quiz like this is more complicated than just throwing out A-B-C multiple choices. It takes a content architect who not only knows the mechanics of an effective online quiz, but who also possesses a deep knowledge of the subject matter and your specific goals. Over the years, StoryStudio has built customized quizzes for clients like Harvard Pilgrim, AstraZeneca, Covenant Health, and Providence Health.

There’s no replacement for rich storytelling when it comes to building that bridge with a customer. But pairing that feature with a fun and interactive quiz can provide an engaging and personalized experience for your would-be customers.  

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