What Are Audiences Actually Looking for in a Healthcare Story?

By Alison Pfaff Jan 28, 2022

There is simply no denying that every healthcare marketing strategy needs to incorporate storytelling. If you’re looking to connect and engage with current and prospective clients, you must know that the best way to build a bridge between you and your audience is to craft a story. 

Even though we all love a great story, not everyone knows how to tell one. The most fundamental story elements include characters, a setting, and a narrative arc with rising action, climax, and a final resolution. These are the storytelling basics you must absolutely include in your work, but if you want to go above and beyond and craft a story that will bring in client conversions, be sure to include this one thing in your healthcare story: happiness. 

One of the reasons you write a story for your marketing campaigns or strategies is because your audience (and the public in general) doesn’t want dry and boring information. They don’t want robotic communication and medical shorthand they cannot understand.  

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These audiences are seeking out medical care because of fear, something being wrong with their health, or pain. What prospective and current customers are in search of is something that will give them relief. What they’re really looking for is a happy and positive resolution.

Storytelling has been called “emotional transportation” and as a storyteller in the healthcare field, you can speak as a doctor or medical professional to convey the message to audiences (patients) that help is available for them. You can show (not tell) how conflicts can be resolved, and how happiness is attainable when working with you. Begin by telling stories about clinical situations that are more common. Include details about what other patients have gone through — and don’t spare any details about any emotions felt! The more relatable of a story you craft, the more effective it will be. Just make sure the outcome includes positivity and happiness. In the end, that’s what all of us are looking for!

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