What Guest Blogging Can Do for Your Business

By StoryStudio Jun 11, 2019

Brands and businesses have already proven the benefits a blog can provide when it comes to attracting customers and bringing in conversions. 

A blog is more than just promotion for your products or services; it’s something your customers want, too. Eighty percent of executives and business owners prefer to receive information about a company through articles rather than advertisements. This means decision-makers will actually prefer longer content (like blogs) to learn about you. 

But you don’t have to limit yourself to writing content for your own blog. Instead, consider guest blogging, as the value it brings is immeasurable. 


More opportunities for content.

Creating consistently high-quality content can be challenging. If another brand or business in your community or industry will allow you to guest blog on their website, it can benefit both you and them. Also, other industry players might come across your guest posts and want to partner with your brand as well. 

Qualified readers.

Guest blogging gives you instant exposure to a specific targeted audience and provides an opportunity to plug your own brand. Traffic can flow to your own website if a link to it is included. Create a proper guest post and you may also see a rise in sales. 

Increase your brand awareness.

Guest blogging is a phenomenal way to increase brand visibility and awareness. You are able to introduce your brand to a new audience and show off what makes it so awesome.

You will be able to:


Reach a wider audience through social networking.

Guest blogging also extends your network through social media shares.

As more eyes see your content—and if you embed highly shareable content like videos or infographics—both your social media engagement and social media following will grow.

All these benefits aside, make sure you pick the right websites for guest blogging. Look for a niche relevant to your own. Working with blogs in your industry with large, engaged followings is ideal. When you find the right opportunity, you will make more brand-to-consumer connections, generate leads, and shorten the sales cycle, all while refining your content marketing skills.  

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