Secrets to Great Storytelling

By StoryStudio Jun 5, 2019

Just as our personal lives are shaped by great stories, so are our professional ones.

Numbers and details can be drilled and learned, but stories are often how we remember important things. Great stories are how we learn things effectively. They can resonate, influence, and inform the audiences we want to reach. Above all else, a great story can connect your business with consumers and shape your brand’s identity. 

So what is the secret to great storytelling? What are the tips and tricks not everybody knows? Find some powerful ones below.

Mirror Your Audience

Your audience doesn’t want to hear dryly stated facts and details. They especially don’t want to hear dryly stated facts and details about subjects other than them. You may be telling stories about your business and brand, but at the same time, you should concentrate on indirectly telling stories about your audience. If you invite your audience to join your narrative and try to mirror them in your stories, your demographic will pay you constant attention. When you craft a story where the audience can imagine themselves as the victor, you’ll know you’re onto something valuable.

Focus on Building Connections, Not Driving Sales

Profit may be the end goal, but the way you get to it is by focusing less on the money and more on the humanizing connections your story can make. A great story helps us understand who we are at the our core. If consumers can understand themselves through your content, they will connect to your business in powerful ways. Most importantly, this personal connection can lead to significant brand loyalty! 

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

When we think of stories, we often think about great adventures, unbelievable extremes, and outrageous feats. However, stories from businesses and brands don’t have to be so fantastic. In fact, they can be small and intimate stories from “everyday” settings. Successful storytellers know that the biggest impact can be made from the smallest moments. Remember this, and your brand will always stay relatable to consumers. 

“Purposeful storytelling isn’t show business, it’s good business." 
– Peter Guber

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