Defining Your Brand’s Voice

By StoryStudio Jun 10, 2019

Successful companies are those that customers can sincerely trust.

Consumers want to buy from a brand that appeals to them, a brand that is recognizable and genuine—not a faceless entity that isn't relatable.

Even as more and more technological advancements arrive, now is the time for your brand or business to be more human, and you can start by finding your authentic brand voice.  

Giving your brand a voice doesn’t just make it more interesting: voice is central to how your brand interacts with your audience. A brand voice conveys your company’s culture and distinct core values. 

Ultimately, you use your brand voice to connect with your customers.  You’ll more effectively connect with them by crafting a personality for your brand. Is your brand serious or jovial? Does your brand care about luxury or the environment (or maybe even both)? How does your brand speak—with facts, jokes, or in more artistic ways?  

The way your brand speaks in content, advertising, and email newsletters is how your brand’s personality comes across. It is this personality that your audience will connect with, and it may convince them to pursue what you have to offer.

Another important benefit of a clear brand voice is its ability to tell your company’s story in succinct and powerful terms. An authentic brand voice will resonate, and you’ll use it to tell compelling anecdotes about the history of your brand, service, or product. Your stories can even tell the audience about themselves or the world they live in—just make sure your brand is involved. The possibilities are endless. 

In order to discover this voice, you need to assess your brand’s motivations and qualities. Then, get to know your audience in order to refine how your brand should speak in a competitive marketplace. 

The brand voice is what every customer hears when they come across a service, product, or piece of content. Developing a clear voice is essential in any landscape and is what allows your brand to stand out. 

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