Know Your Audience: How to Avoid Making Assumptions

By StoryStudio Aug 20, 2019

One of the most crucial tasks you have as a content creator is to define who, exactly, you want to reach.

You may think your target audience is “everyone and anyone," but even if your products or services appeal to a wide audience, your messaging should to be tailored to specific personas. It is so important for content marketers to know their audience. Producing niche content with a clearly defined viewer in mind is the best way to not only acquire new customers, but to build brand loyalty and maximize your marketing ROI. 

Defining your target audience is something that needs to happen at the very beginning of a content campaign. Start by spending some time learning about your ideal demographic. Where do your customers live? How much do they earn? Do they have kids? When you pay attention to the behaviors and activities of your audience you will discover how your brand can fit into their lifestyle.

 Answer these questions to avoid making incorrect 
 assumptions about the people you are trying to reach. 

  • Who is already your customer?
    Look at who is already purchasing your products and using your services. Why do the customers you have now align with your product or brand? Do any consumers have similar interests or traits that stand out to you? Any groups of customers more likely to convert? By paying attention to who your customers are– especially the most lucrative ones– you can tailor both your content and your distribution tactics to them.

  • What motivates your audience to take action?
    Do you know what is important to your customers? What are their values, goals, and fears? What problems do they need to be solved? Knowing what drives your audience and how to align your brand story and messaging to their desires is important to truly reaching them. Focus on learning this information, as it will inform the creation of your content.

  • Are you paying attention to psychographics?
    Sure you know what gender and age range you're targeting, but do you know what their personality is? Do you know if they lean left or right politically? What do they like to do for fun in their free time? Are they more introverted or extroverted? Use psychographic data to figure out how your brand fits into the lifestyle of the audience you are trying to reach, and the best way to communicate this to your audience.


Dig deep when it comes to defining your target audience. The more accurate and thorough you are about who your target consumers are, the more powerful the content that you use to reach them will be.

Not quote sure how to narrow down your target audience yet? Check out these 50 questions to consider when defining your target audience!

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