50 Questions to Help You Define Your Target Audience

By Alison Pfaff Jun 18, 2019

You may know what you’re trying to sell, but do you know who you’re trying to sell it to? 

Not everyone is going to love or desire what you have to offer. But what’s important is that you find the special group of people who will. 

Knowing your target audience will help you create content that is more effective and select the best platforms to focus on, and it will, in general, inform your marketing strategy as a whole.

Not sure where to start when it comes to defining your audience? Take a look at these 50 questions about your ideal client or customer. Answering them for each of your products will be an instrumental move toward defining your target audience.

  1. What is their age?
  2. Where do they live? Would localized advertising be beneficial?
  3. What gender, if any, do they identify with?
  4. What is their annual income?
  5. Are they single, married, in a relationship?
  6. What is their level of education?
  7. What socioeconomic or ethnic group are they part of?
  8. Do they actively practice religion?
  9. How many people are in their family; are they a parent?
  10. What values are important to them?
  11. What are their needs?
  12. What are their challenges?
  13. What problem do they need resolved, and how can you resolve it?
  14. Which emotions motivate them to take action?
  15. Do they have goals? What are they?
  16. What concerns do they have right now?
  17. What do they care the most about in life?
  18. What kind of savior do they need, and can your company product be that?
  19. How do they spend their time offline?
  20. How do they spend their time on the internet? 
  21. What kind of content do they engage with?
  22. How does they view content?
  23. Are they on social media? Which platforms do they spend the most time on?
  24. What media do they consume?
  25. Who do they support politically?
  26. What causes do they support? 
  27. Are they inclined to be loyal to brands?
  28. Do they make the same purchases repeatedly? 
  29. What topics or interests do they dislike? 
  30. What is more important to them: cost or value?
  31. How much do they already know about what you have to offer? 
  32. What are other companies not doing that they should be in order to satisfy this audience? 
  33. What does their typical workday look like?
  34. What skills does their job ask of them?
  35. What part of the buyer’s journey is most relevant to them?
  36. What industry do they work in?
  37. Are they an employer or an employee?
  38. If they're a B2B business, how much profit do they bring in annually? 
  39. What goals do they have? 
  40. Where do they go to get their information? 
  41. What do they do in their leisure time?
  42. What are their hobbies? 
  43. What is their preferred method of communication? 
  44. What kind of personality do they have?
  45. How can you describe their lifestyle? 
  46. What companies had this audience as a customer previously?
  47. What kind of objections might they have to using your product or service? 
  48. Can they easily afford what you have to offer?
  49. Where does their money normally go? 
  50. What brands do they already trust and respect?

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