5 Proven Ideas for Repurposing Webinars into Exciting Content

By Chloe Dinsdale Jun 21, 2019

Remember that live webinar you hosted and were so proud of? Now that you’ve finished it, there’s nothing much else left to do but archive it, right? Wrong! 

Just because the live webinar has ended, it still has value. Webinars take a lot of work to develop, and since they contain a lot of great content, should be repurposed into new formats.

Make use of your valuable content by repurposing your webinar. Doing this allows you to reach a larger audience and drive new leads. You’re given the chance to reach new customers, all while giving your previous or current customers the opportunity to consume your content at a time that works best for them. 

Here are a few ways you can repurpose your webinar, transforming it into new and exciting content.

1. Create a presentation.

PowerPoints, SlideShares and decks are still an incredibly viable way to inform an audience.

A slideshow presentation can be adapted from the visuals used during the webinar—all you have to do is insert additional points or quotes that work alongside the presentation’s key takeaways. 

2. Write a blog post.

Your webinar should already be sectioned by topic or subject. Use the material in these sections to draft blog posts that can live on your website.

Transcribe your webinar and select the topics you believe will have the most appeal to your audience. Consider a quote compilation post, a how-to post or even a list post. The possibilities are endless!

3. Design an infographic.

Who says you have to keep things word-focused?

Presentations, blog posts and social media posts are often concentrated on words, but you can bring these words to life with a simple yet powerful infographic. What’s great about infographics is that customers are often inclined to share them with other users!

4. Create an eBook.

An eBook is easy to create if you have already drafted multiple blog posts and created infographics. It’s a fantastic way to repurpose information from not one but multiple past webinars. 

5. Get social.

Did you know your webinar recording is a treasure trove of social media posts in the making? The information you speak about in your webinar is content you can write down for tweets, Facebook wall posts or Instagram stories. Grab the most exciting statistics, quotes and key points from your webinar and repurpose them for your social media accounts.

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