What is a Branded Podcast and Why Should You Create One?

By Hearst StoryStudio Feb 20, 2024

In a digital landscape where algorithms and analytics reign supreme, standing out from the noise requires more than just data. Enter podcasts — the heroes of the modern marketing toolkit. They’re like captivating storytellers in a crowded room, pulling listeners in with engaging stories that leave a lasting impression. While targeted marketing relies heavily on data capture, podcasts can provide that while also offering a refreshingly organic way to connect with audiences.


While targeted marketing relies heavily on data capture, podcasts can provide that while also offering a refreshingly organic way to connect with audiences.


Once a niche form of entertainment, podcasts have exploded into a $4 billion industry with millions of weekly (even daily) listeners. This growth shows no signs of slowing down. With an expected annual growth rate of nearly 8 percent, podcasts are projected to generate a staggering $5.03 billion in revenue by 2027.


The podcasting industry at a glance:

  • Podcast revenue is forecasted to reach $4 billion by the end of 2024. 
  • Sixty-four percent of listeners pay attention to full podcast episodes. 
  • In 2023, the number of weekly podcast listeners reached 32.5 million on Spotify alone.

A branded podcast allows you showcase your products, share your story, and captivate your audience without coming across as pushy. It's the ultimate blend of entertainment and promotion, seamlessly weaving your brand stories and narrative into engaging content.

So, should your organization hop on the branded podcast bandwagon? Let’s explore the reasons to consider it.



Podcasts Make Connecting to Your Audience Effortless

Time is our most precious commodity. Listeners tune in to podcasts for an average of seven hours a week, meaning they have become a staple in their lives, whether they’re commuting, working out, or unwinding after a long day. By creating content that resonates with your audience, you can forge meaningful connections that transcend more traditional marketing strategies.

Podcasts Validate Brand Authority

In the age of endless information, establishing trust with your audience is more important than ever. With listeners placing greater trust in podcast content compared to other forms of media, a branded podcast can position your brand as a trusted authority in your industry. By crafting compelling narratives and addressing topics that resonate with your audience, you can solidify your brand’s position as a leader in the field.

Podcasts Drive Business

Podcasts take it a step further by tapping into the power of emotion. By leveraging the intimate nature of audio storytelling, podcasts create a deep connection with listeners, driving business and increasing brand awareness in the process. With the right storytelling techniques and engaging content, branded podcasts have the potential to drive sales like never before.

In a world where attention is currency, branded podcasts offer a unique opportunity to cut through the noise and engage with your audience on a deeper level. With the expertise of the StoryStudio, the possibilities are endless. Ready to turn conversations into conversions? Let us help you turn your brand’s story into an audio experience that resonates with even the most niche audience segments.

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