You May Be Surprised How Much Going Local Can Help Your Brand

By Alison Pfaff Aug 7, 2019

Have you thought about how powerful a local audience can be?

Whether your business operates in a single city or you’re promoting a national brand, when you prioritize reaching local audiences, you gain an incredible opportunity to generate targeted relationships with influencers and build trust and visibility within a community.

The easiest way to reach a local audience is through social media. This can involve targeted ads, individual outreach, giving employees the tools and the chance to be socially active about your brand (thus encouraging word-of-mouth marketing), and showing a genuine interest in local passions and interests by holding events or hosting community efforts. Social media tactics are a great way to boost brand visibility and enhance your local presence.

If you have already turned to social media to reach your audience, consider another exceptionally effective approach: regional publications.

Local brands and businesses and large companies alike both succeed when utilizing sponsored content and ad placements on regional publications to better appeal to a local audience.

Reaching a local audience the right way is a huge opportunity for a lot of our clients at StoryStudio, which is why they turn to a regional voice. With a nationwide presence of both Hearst Newspaper and Broadcast stations digital publications– over 80 publications– we are able to offer our partners nationwide regional coverage.

StoryStudio is the perfect example of a place these businesses and companies can go to in order to make a splash in smaller, localized markets. Regional publications are a trusted source of information and entertainment for local residents, making them the best way to introduce your brand to the community.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 11.51.12 AMOne brand we partnered with recently to create custom content for is Casper. Casper is a direct to consumer mattress company aiming to change the way consumers purchase mattresses. Casper wanted to reach an audience in the San Francisco Bay Area, so what better way than to publish and promote content on SFGATE? Although mattresses can obviously be used in any city and Casper sells product internationally, this content piece made a compelling case for why Casper mattresses specifically are a great fit for Bay Area residents.

“While we think anyone who doesn’t want to wake up in pain, doesn’t have an inheritance they’re willing to spend on this purchase, and simply wants a better sleeping solution needs to own a Casper mattress,” the piece explains, “we can’t help but think how especially perfect they are for San Francisco. Read on to find out why.”

View the story here.

Also, you don’t have to limit your content to just one city. Because of our nationwide presence, many of our clients choose to place content on multiple publications located in key cities throughout the United States, with each story tailored to the region is it placed in.

At StoryStudio, we use strategic insights to connect with your consumers, particularly in local and regional markets. Through our turnkey content marketing solutions, StoryStudio tells your stories and creates content that matters.

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