What Kind of Content Should You be Creating During COVID-19?

By Chloe Dinsdale Aug 5, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, businesses large and small have been re-evaluating their marketing strategies. With all the uncertainty, it's tempting to put marketing on hold. Yet, people are spending more time than ever before on their phones and computers, looking for both distractions and guidance. It would be a mistake for brands and businesses to stay out of the conversation.

However, content that is "business as usual" just won't cut it, and can even come across as tone-deaf. Due to the pandemic and widespread shelter in place orders, the ways that brands connect with their audiences are shifting. This has left a lot of businesses wondering, what kind of content shows your customers that you care?

Here are a few content tips to help your brand adapt their digital marketing strategies to these difficult times.

Be social.

Social distancing has been challenging for even the most introverted of us. Everyone is craving more human connection right now. Using social media channels is a great way to reach your target audience directly. Ask yourself how you can you better serve your customers. Instead of your regular posts and updates, focus on building relationships and a community. Start polls or ask questions to engage your audience and spark a conversation. By focusing on and listening to and supporting your audience rather than making sales, you will show that you truly care. 

Provide important information. 

Educational content will be especially valuable to your audience right now. People are wondering how to stay safe while buying groceries, how to keep their children healthy while they transition back to school, and how to best manage their finances, among a million and one other things. Content that offers advice related to your industry on navigating the new normal and how your business can help will perform best right now and encourage customer loyalty.

Stay positive. 

Your customers are most likely being bombarded with negative news right now. Between social media and the 24-hour news cycle, it can be hard to escape the stress of what's happening in the world right now. Your customers are looking for brands and businesses to spread positivity with their content. Your aim should be to contribute and be helpful, not to distract, divide, or to self-promote. You don't want your content to come across as tone-deaf.

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