What Does a Successful Real Estate Marketing Campaign Look Like?

By Alison Pfaff Oct 29, 2020

Whether you’re new to real estate or already an experienced realtor, brushing up on what a successful real estate marketing campaign should look like is always a good idea. Property buyers and sellers expect to have a high-quality experience with both the real estate salesperson and brokerage they choose to work with. Your marketing strategies and tactics should reflect this expectation of quality.

Know your audience and how to reach them.

A successful real estate marketing campaign needs to appeal to your target audience and different types of properties demand different methods. A campaign strategy that works for commercial properties might cause a single family home to languish on the market. It's important to identify who your customer is and design a marketing campaign designed to appeal to their values. But creating content is only half the battle, you have to be able to put this content in front of them as well. Are you pushing out content on the social media apps and websites your target audience uses and respects? Or are you using outdated platforms? When your target audience uses social media, what platforms are they active on? Do they prefer entertaining articles or do they frequent professional websites looking for educational content? What do they like and dislike, and how can your content cater to their wants and needs? Not sure where to start? We'll help you get started.

Keep your content on-brand.

A successful real estate marketing plan should effectively and consistently boost the visibility and recognition of your brand. Aim to be memorable as well as provide value to your clients so they keep returning to your services and refer you to their friends and family. All of your marketing collateral should leave viewers with a strong sense of your brand voice, personality, and stellar qualifications.

Engage, engage, engage.

Don’t forget to involve clients and customers in your content marketing! Although the real estate marketing plan is yours to create and implement, finding ways to include methods for boosting customer engagement is still a wise move. Because online reviews continue to have a prominent presence in search engines, ask your past clients to give feedback or testimonials of your work and business. These reviews are easy to repost and incorporate into your content across all platforms, and will have a positive impact on your reputation, and will ultimately result in more lead referrals.

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