This is What you Need to Look for When Choosing an Advertising Partner

By StoryStudio Jun 13, 2019

Many businesses rely on in-house teams to advertise and market their brands, products, and services. But as these businesses grow, turning to outside marketing and advertising agencies for assistance is a common move. 

If the next logical step for your business is working with an agency, there's no need to be intimidated by the process of finding the best partner for you.

As you search for the right agency professionals, consider the following characteristics when guiding your introductory interviews:

  • A partner who isn’t afraid to innovate: You want an agency with its finger on the pulse of emerging trends. Even further, make sure you hire a team capable of responding to these trends in a way that’s valuable for your brand. You will find this especially useful as marketing strategies and technological advancements intersect during these digital times.


  • Compatibility: Look for an advertising partner who can cater to your needs, but who is also totally aligned with your creative standards and ethos. Does this partner understand your vision? Can they bring that vision to life? And will they effectively communicate your vision to your consumers?


  • The perfect size: The size of the agency you select will depend heavily on what services you need, the resources you want to utilize, and your budget. Small agencies may specialize in certain practices or industries, while larger agencies can offer a broader range of services. As you sign with an appropriately sized agency, make sure they are committed to you, no matter how many clients they have in their roster.


  • A partner who understands the power of storytelling: Often, your brand’s ability to tell a great story gives you the edge over competitors. Because proper storytelling affects human emotions and behavior, an advertising partner who understands the power of storytelling is an advertising partner who can bring success to your business.


And last, but certainly not least: Does the agency create impactful content that matters?

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements every day, in every fashion, on every platform. Make sure your advertising partner knows how to ensure your brand stands out in ways that match your wants, needs, and goals.

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