Think About These 5 Things to Structure a Compelling Retail Campaign

By Chloe Dinsdale Oct 3, 2022

There’s no doubt that a seamless shopping experience, whether online or in person, requires strategic engagement from brands. With more ways than ever to communicate with consumers both digitally and in-store, developing the right approach requires a thorough understanding of the modern consumer mindset. In a crowded landscape, an effective way to get the attention of shoppers is by using native. A form of marketing designed to blend into its environment by resembling a publication’s existing editorial content, native ads feel less disruptive than more traditional forms of advertising. They’re often better at reaching an audience too. It’s no wonder that native ads are on the rise and are expected to grow 12.5 percent year-over-year in 2023.

To make the most of your retail campaign, here are five key components to think about.


Know your audience

Make the most of your campaign by understanding your audience and what attracts them to certain brands. Consumers are excited by content that speaks directly to their priorities, and every demographic is looking for something specific. Some consumers may be captivated by comprehensive style guides that direct them toward the best ways to wear the latest trends, while others are more intrigued by loyalty reward programs that give them special discounts. Gen Z tends to look for brands that are aligned with a globally responsible purpose like environmentalism or social justice. Deal-seekers are usually older and are constantly on the hunt for savings and sales. Millennials came of age during the digital revolution and are comfortable online; therefore it’s best to reach them through hyper-relevant advertising, providing them with a range of convenient ways to purchase. And then there are those who search for the best in exclusive luxury items, often seeking out a customized shopping experience.

 Visuals are key

Regardless of demographic, letting your audience experience the brand before purchase is one of the most powerful ways to introduce them to a product. Digital campaigns with enticing visuals can give your business a competitive edge. Captivating consumers by creating a stimulating and memorable digital interface is key, making the brand instantly recognizable to browsing consumers. Dynamic imagery, video assets and 3D renderings are all quality assets known to pay dividends.


Translate the experience for digital

One of the biggest obstacles to online shopping is the inability to try a product, leaving consumers uncertain if the product will work for them. However, brands have discovered inventive ways to allow customers to give products a spin, even in the digital landscape. Virtual try-on via social media filters enabled by AR and AI gained traction during the pandemic and are only expected to get more popular. By using sophisticated digital methods such as these, brands are only getting more inventive with all the ways to allow customers to “try before you buy,” reducing previous barriers to purchase.

 Authenticity matters

Whatever marketing strategy you employ, it's imperative to stay authentic. A genuine connection with consumers is always based on trust—and building that trust must be done by speaking honestly about how a product may impact the world. Increasingly, consumers are developing brand loyalty with companies that support their causes and authentically represent their values. As the online marketplace makes it easier and easier for consumers to choose between hundreds of brands, set yourself apart by simply speaking out for the values you stand for. This connection between like-minded consumers and brands is a lasting bond.

Time to take action

However you choose to engage with new and existing customers, don’t forget to add a call to action. This means leaving customers with clear and straightforward opportunities to get involved with the brand right away. Give them information on how and where to purchase advertised products and current limited promotions.

Regardless of your business model, deepening your strategic marketing to appropriately zero in on your customer base and reach them effectively can be a game-changer. Speaking to their needs and staying authentically connected while developing creative ways to let consumers try merchandise are tactics that will only expand your capacity to sell.


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