A Few Real Estate Content Marketing Tips From Industry Experts

By Chloe Dinsdale Mar 18, 2020

Any agent in today’s real estate market should know that the traditional ways of marketing just aren’t cutting it anymore. Although flyers and signage are still valid methods of getting your name and business out there, it would be foolish to ignore the power of content marketing, which grabs the attention of potential clients, builds trust in your brand, and converts social engagement into real profit.

Masterful content marketing often comes from the pros. Here’s what a few experts have to say when it comes to using content to marketing real estate services.

“According to our study about marketing to Millennials, Facebook is still the best social media channel to reach the widest audience, but if you’re looking for a younger audience Instagram is the best platform to use. Millennials are 25% more likely to buy a product because of a social media ad than older generations, so focus your social media campaigns toward Millennials; they typically prefer funny and informative ads.”
– Ben Mizes, CEO of Clever Real Estate

“For anyone who’s going to be purposeful in their content marketing efforts, I would recommend to pick one day and stick to it. If you choose a day and publish a blog post, weekly video, Facebook Live, Instagram Story — people will respond. Consistently promoting your content on social media and emails also matter.”
– Katie Lance, Katie Lance Consulting


“Be yourself. That’s it. You don’t need to be any big personality to leverage social media tools. Be authentic with what you are. Figure out your personality and be authentic.”
– Kendyl Young, DIGGS Real Estate CEO

“Think editorially: It’s important to know your brand and voice. One should focus on producing evergreen content that has a unique voice and relevant to the brand.”
– Marc Davison, 1000Watt

“Live stream open houses and walkthroughs that incorporate valuable information a potential buyer or seller would need to know when going through the process. Be consistent but understand that there is a lot of noise that you are fighting against to get their attention. One video will not be sufficient in quantity.”
– Aiden Angeli, Ripe Marketing

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