Take Things to the Next Level with Interactive Content

By StoryStudio Jun 5, 2019

In need of a brand-new content marketing strategy? Looking for something that stands out at a time when everyone is a content creator?

As more and more brands and businesses pump out content, it is extremely important to differentiate your work from the rest. In order to reach your targeted audience successfully, consider getting creative: work with interactive content.

What is interactive content?

While other types of content ask users to just read or watch, interactive content invites your audience to participate. The participating visitor quickly receives results or answers that are specific to the things they care about. 

For brands or businesses trying to improve marketing strategies, interactive content yields relevant data about consumers that you can in turn use to appeal to them. Polls and quizzes, for example, provide near-instant feedback, efficiently capture user attention, and give you contact information. From these interactions, you’ll be able to create more valuable and more targeted content for this audience, which will result in more conversions and brand loyalty. 

Many types of content are suitable for interactivity.

Get ahead of competitors by shifting toward interactive infographics, for instance, which compel the user to take action (say, by clicking or scrolling). These interactive pieces are more intricately designed, and bring more traffic and engagement than the typical static infographic. Plus, 93% of marketers say interactive content is effective at educating buyers, whereas only 70% say the same for static content (Ion Interactive).

Ultimately, if a prospect or user actively engages with content, they will be more efficiently guided to results in real time that address their problems, challenges, or ideas. With static content, the user is left to sort through available information to understand how a solution might address their specific needs.  

As interactive content generates twice as many conversions as passive content, shift your focus to creating content that is much more effective and engaging.

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