Why Right Now is the Best Time to Create a Podcast

By StoryStudio Jun 4, 2019

Unimpressed with the traditional marketing techniques available for your business? Do you feel as if your marketing strategy needs an update?

Consider creating a podcast.

Podcasts are a series of spoken, audio episodes that your business can use to share information about your products and services or your company itself. As one of the fastest growing types of content (according to a survey by Edison Research, more than half of US adults have listened to a podcast), podcasts are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to reach audiences who may be interested in your brand or business.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to create a podcast sooner rather than later.

1. Position your brand as an industry leader.

Need something that will establish your expertise? A podcast can give your brand or business an authoritative presence in your industry. Spread accurate information with enthusiasm and authority, and you will swiftly and effortlessly build trust with listeners and customers.

2. Engage with your audience.

With a podcast, you have the incredible opportunity to create a stronger and deeper connection with listeners. Text on a website or social media post can communicate a voice, sure. But with a podcast, customers will actually hear your voice, which is much more personal than words on a page. 

3. Tell your story.

Aside from assessing your products and services, customers will assess your company’s values when making a purchasing decision. Podcasts create familiarity and give customers an easy way learn more about your mission.


4. Content on-demand.

Consumption habits of listeners and customers in the 21st century are also perfectly aligned with the podcast form. A podcast gives a listener a certain amount of flexibility — he or she can do another task while listening, which allows a customer to listen to what you have to say without any major obstacles. As a podcast creator, you have flexibility as well — you can create and record at your leisure and stick to your own schedule! 

5. Don't break the bank.

Want to keep costs low? Podcasts are simple and easy to produce. Use a computer and microphone to record, and use a software program to edit your audio files. Traditional advertising methods can be expensive — why not take things into your own hands?

“Podcast hosting is about $20 a month, and that’s the total cost if you are doing all the editing and production yourself,” says Spencer Shaw, founder of the podcast production firm PodKick Media.

6. Make some green.

Aside from saving you money, podcasts can also make you money.

Podcasts can bring in leads and sales and can also generate more revenue if the podcast is sponsored. Companies will actually pay you if your podcast has attracted an audience they are trying to reach. 

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