Making an Emotional Narrative Work for Your Business or Brand

By StoryStudio Jun 12, 2019

Do you want to cultivate a stronger connection with your customers? Are you wondering how to get customers to understand the heart of what your brand is really about?

When a prospective customer hears your brand name, you should already have a firm idea of what picture they’ll see, what descriptive words they might use to describe your product or what emotions they’ll feel. This is, of course, because you know about and have been creating an emotional brand narrative. 

If you are unsure how an emotional narrative might benefit your brand or business, remember that marketing is no longer just traditional billboard or newspaper ads. Any solid campaign is now built around a good narrative, and the best marketing and business strategies are ultimately founded on storytelling.

Building an Emotional Narrative Can Help Take Your Brand to the Next Level

One of the most effective ways to connect with customers is by making an emotional appeal. While customers consider hard data and cost analysis when making purchasing decisions, don't underestimate the power of narrative. 

In order to make an emotional narrative work for your business or brand, there are a few things your narrative will need.

First and foremost, your story will need to have relatable characters, with emotions that can be easily understood by your viewers and customers. Certain events or occurrences happen to these characters that compel the viewer or reader to become emotionally invested in the story. Perhaps these characters are facing an obstacle or challenge — the most important thing is that there is something they want or need that they do not currently have.

The story you create has to be created with intent — you must craft the kind of story that will appeal to your client base and will emotionally stir them in some way. Then, you must implement your story throughout your content, and do this consistently. Make sure all aspects of your content — the copy, style and even platforms where it is published — align with your narrative as a whole. 

Don’t be afraid to get emotional. When you harness the power of an emotional story, you can create a lasting bond between brand and customer.

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