How the World's Most Powerful Companies Use Storytelling as a Business Strategy

By StoryStudio Jun 3, 2019

Technology has forever changed and improved the ways we share our stories, locally and globally. Publish an article, image, or video online, and someone thousands of miles away can share your experience with just a click of their mouse.  

Storytelling is rapidly becoming the premiere marketing tool for businesses. Just as we communicate with our friends and colleagues using stories, we also insert stories into our created content, brand identities, and marketing channels. 

In fact, storytelling should be the foundation of your business strategy. Just ask some of the world’s most well-known and powerful companies. 


Airbnb, for example, shares the unique stories of their community members who own listed spaces. In doing so, Airbnb effectively communicates to the user the positive aspects of its brand.

With short write-ups and videos, the consumer hears about Airbnb’s effects on hosts and on their communities at large, demonstrating how Airbnb cares and make a net positive impact. Through this content campaign, Airbnb's goal is to relate to their users, positioning themselves as a genuine company, while showing off their examples of Airbnb as a safe and enjoyable housing experience, giving confidence to new users hesitant to make the switch from hotels to rented homes. 


Consider athletic footwear and apparel company Nike. Their 30-year-old “Just Do It” campaign doubles as marketing strategy and powerful narrative. The story Nike tells is for anyone who has yearned to rebel, to accomplish great achievements even when the odds are stacked against them.


Nike has mastered emotional storytelling, connecting its products to its message, and thus maintaining a dominant social media presence and moving forward as one of the most iconic brands we have today.

Ultimately, a successful marketing strategy creates a clear and meaningful human connection. Through storytelling, you can appeal to a customer’s personal narrative and compel them to be a part of your story, too. As entrepreneur and marketer Seth Godin says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”  

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