Clubhouse For Brands

By Chloe Dinsdale Dec 7, 2021

Is it time for your brand or business to join the Club?

By now, you may have heard the buzz about Clubhouse, the exclusive invitation-only social networking app centering around audio-chat. Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse allows its users to listen in on and join discussions, conversations or interviews between notable figures. Topics range from tech, business, hobbies, health — anything and everything goes, and more and more people have been exploring Clubhouse rooms for their own personal entertainment, development, and journeys to success.

But is this highly popular app here to stay or is it a one-year-old fad on its way out? The answer, of course, is up to you and the value you can gain from it as a brand or business.

If you are a business owner or marketing professional, Clubhouse provides an incredible opportunity to establish yourself as an expert resource, while promoting your products and services along the way. You aren’t just having conversations in the Clubhouse app. You could be connecting with others to create brand partnerships, you could charge a fee for a room’s membership, you could networking in ways you may have not been able to before. 

In each conversation room, you can take the stage, and control who speaks and when. These rooms give you the chance to spread the story of your brand, get feedback, connect with audiences and potential customers, run focus groups, and boost overall awareness for your brand.

No matter the size of the room, you should be able to moderate the room effectively to create a high-quality experience for users. Consider adding other moderators to your panel or stage to grow your Clubhouse audience. Highly respected influencers are a plus! You will also want to have a diverse set of speakers to create a quality panel. 

As a moderator, you set the tone for the room — and the last thing you want is a conversation that goes off track or serves no purpose. Guide the energy of the conversation. Keep goals and intentions in mind throughout the discussion. Are you looking to educate or entertain? Do you want to gain followers or make sales? Set the rules and make sure your participants oblige by them. Be courteous, allow others to speak, and encourage healthy debates. Create the environment you want the conversation to live in.

You may be wondering if live audio content can really be that much better than a podcast or youtube video. The social experience Clubhouse delivers is similar to a virtual audio-only event on a large scale. Still, Clubhouse has an added layer of exclusivity, while taking into consideration a user’s “Fear of Missing Out”. Conversations are not recorded, and rooms disappear after the conversation ends. If you are looking to get more creative with audio content, Clubhouse may be perfect for you — you can hold book clubs, company sponsored events, comedy events, audio-only musical productions, and more. The possibilities are endless.

A successful Clubhouse chat will allow users to pull relevant and valuable information from the chat into their lives. With your help, you can create a memorable audio experience they will never forget. 

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