3 Keys to Creating Meaningful Content

By Chloe Dinsdale May 21, 2019

With more publishers pushing out more content than ever before, the digital landscape is saturated and attention is becoming increasingly difficult to grab. Readers are inundated with content. So how can marketers make sure that their content is valuable to their target audience and stand out from the crowd?

In today's world of click-bait headlines and viral memes, the most successful brands are the ones producing content with meaning. Unsure what meaningful content looks like?

Here are 3 tips to help marketers audit their content and ensure that their marketing investments have the most bang for their buck. 

1. Identify your goals.

Before you get started creating a piece of content, you need to ask yourself what you're trying to achieve. More specifically, how will this work to accomplish your marketing goals while providing value to the reader? Get clear on what your business goals are so you can create content that aligns with them. Meaningful content engages the reader while telling a powerful story related to your objectives.

 2. Create an experience.

You can do much more than simply encourage someone to buy your product or use your service. With meaningful content, you can provoke action from the audience—and encourage active participation over passive absorption. These actions can benefit both your short- and long-term vision for your brand.

Interactive content is one of the best examples of content that provides a captivating experience for readers. It's been shown that interactive content generates more than twice the number of conversions that standard content does (Demand Metric) and 88% of marketers report that interactive content helps them differentiate their brand from competitors (Ion Interactive).

Here at the StoryStudio, we've seen a lot of success from brands that incorporate interactive elements including maps, infographics, timelines, polls, and video into their content marketing strategies, resulting in higher time spent, more conversions, and increased engagement.

The most successful content introduces original ideas, provides value, and helps your readers connect to the issues they care about most. Your content should motivate readers to take action, not just view it and forget it.

3. Know your audience.

Have you taken the time to define your audience and create personas? You may already know who exactly you want to reach, but do you know what matters to them the most?

Here’s an example. The largest demographic in the United States are Millennials, a generation that has grown up alongside the advent of the internet and all things digital. According to a survey by Social Media TodayMillennials crave brand authenticity, and value it more than brand innovation or even product utility. If your target audience is Millennials, creating meaningful content means you are creating authentic content. To drive results, the content has to be real, personal, and devoid of obvious sales language.

When you know who exactly you are targeting, with a little research you can personalize your content so it aligns with their unique desires and interests.  

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