Why Your Content Strategy Needs This One Thing

By StoryStudio Dec 10, 2019
Are your blog posts feeling a little stale? Is your social growth hitting a lull? We've all been there. It can be a challenge to consistently brainstorm new and exciting content ideas to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re looking a tactic that will easily and effectively drive engagement, we have a little something in mind.


Quotes are powerful. Using relevant and inspiring quotes to create content is a proven method to engage your users in a positive, humorous, educational, thought-provoking or inspirational way.

Quotes that are short, sweet, and straight to the point can be used to create quickly consumable graphics for your social media channels. Or, when highlighted in a technical blog post or eBook, longer and more complex quotes can inform your reader and provide a unique perspective from a trusted source. "Listicle" style blog posts that feature a compilation of top quotes on a certain subject are also highly engaging and perform especially well when shared on social media.

Using quotes from well-known world and business leaders, celebrities, and other influential people can trigger an emotional response from your users. Positive, inspiring quotes can form and strengthen deep connections with your audience to your brand. And if this content is visually appealing and interactive, your message will only be more powerful and convincing. Your content always represents your brand, and if you make people feel good, then your brand or business becomes an ambassador of positivity. Associating your brand with positive figures and messages can be not only beneficial for your brand image, but your bottom-line.

Quotes don’t have to be just from famous figures or thought leaders. You can find valuable quotes from both experts and fresh faces in your industry. Quotes from more niche and unknown names can oftentimes end up being more relatable than ones from recognizable folks, offering key insights on industry trends and an insider perspective. If you seek out industry influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter and ask them to share their thoughts, you may just be able to land a few original quotes.

During events such as conferences or product launches, real-time quotes from speakers can be shared immediately on social media to both help your brand ride the momentum of the event and establish relevancy.

Digital tools like Canva allow even the most novice graphic designers to create beautiful and sharable visual content using quotes. And when posted on social media, tagging the people you pull quotes from is a great way to boost re-tweets and shares so you reach a new, targeted audience.


A few quote templates available for use on Canva.


Incorporating quotes into your digital content is a great way to not only generate more interesting and engaging content but ultimately help your brand grow its' digital footprint and reach potential new customers. If you focus on building your community through sharing relatable and engaging content paired with a sophisticated distribution plan, success will follow.

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