Why Authentic Content Marketing Matters

By StoryStudio Mar 12, 2020

Among the challenges content copywriters and creators face daily, one of the biggest hurdles is finding a way to stay true to brand messaging while being authentic.

In today’s digital landscape, “authentic” content avoids extreme self-promotion, as users can generally sense when they are being misled. Authentic content is genuine and original. It gives audiences the sense that they are dealing with real people because they are real people (with values, needs, and desires) too. Authentic content marketing forges bonds and strengthens connections, and, ultimately, drives customer loyalty. Authentic content marketing builds trust.

Think about what you want your brand to be.

Do you want your customers to regard your brand as liked and respected? Do you want your brand to be highly visible? If so, present yourself in a straightforward and honest way. Follow through on what you say, and provide the quality of product or service that you advertise. Inform your customers and make them feel cared for. That’s what authenticity is, and that’s how you stand out from a sea of competitors.

Appeal to emotions.

Remember: many of our buying decisions are influenced by emotions rather than logic. How you make a customer feel matters. Authenticity keeps things personal and creates human brand communication. And, as Ross Crooks, Forbes columnist wrote, this human brand communication is “about creating camaraderie and accountability that inspires us to build better products and workplaces, to live more healthy and meaningful lives.”

If your marketing campaigns aren’t as authentic as you would like, take steps towards expressing a new level of sincerity in your work. Believe it or not, your consumer base will immediately take note—and show gratitude through their purchases.

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