What Makes "Great Content" Great

By Alison Pfaff Oct 7, 2019

With today's overload of digital content, the last thing you want to do is release materials that bore your audience. You don’t want just any run-of-the-mill generic content to represent your brand or business in our crowded online ecosystem. You want to invest your time, energy, and marketing dollars into great content. 

But what does great content actually look like?

Great content is timely and fresh. Consider where your content will be published or what will be happening around the time of publication. Is there an exciting event or news that is important to your industry that you can build your content around? Responding online to what is happening offline is a great way to elevate content and keep it interesting for audiences. 

Learn to read the room– your content should be relevant to the mood of your target audience and where they are in the funnel in order to truly engage them. Great content understands the needs of your audience. It’s not enough to know that your audience has an interest in a particular topic; you need to understand why this interest exists. Is your viewer simply window shopping or are they ready to buy? 

All content should target your specific audience and provide information that is relevant and valuable for the consumer. This will require a bit of research, but the more you understand who you are creating content for, the better your content will be. The more useful you make your content to your target personas, the more likely you are to win loyal followers.

No matter the type of content you seek to create, remember this: Great content is personal, intentional, and valuable!

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