Using Content to Reach New Customers

By Alison Pfaff Sep 4, 2019

You use content to inform, entertain, serve, and support current customers, but what happens if you want to expand your customer pool, too?

Luckily, content can do just that. Content marketing is a fantastic method for finding new customers, and you will miss out on a lot of positive results if you ignore this strategy.

Initially, your focus should be on attracting attention. Assess the content you have created or the content you are about to publish: does this content excite? Does it make the user feel special? How does your content make a prospective customer feel?

With the content you push out, your goal is to create positive feelings. Plus, you want to keep someone coming back for more of what you have to offer, whether it’s a product, service, a feeling, or a simple brand message.

Content types that can excite, interest, or draw in a new, curious customer include:

  • Pictures and videos
  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Personal reports
  • Case studies
  • User guides and tutorials
  • FAQs
  • Infographics


With this content, you want to make sure you still have a firm grasp on your objectives or marketing messages. What are you trying to covey? Can you say this effortlessly, in a more nuanced way for customers to understand and relate to? When using content to find new customers, you will be initiating a two-way conversation. You don’t necessarily want to focus all of your efforts on closing the deal. Instead, raise questions, tell stories, introduce relevant topics to the dialogue. It is in your best interests to get an audience into an open state of mind before you even attempt to make a sales pitch. 

Compel, and create interest. Craft content so intriguing that all those who see it will feel impelled to share. A retweet or a repost not only shows you how remarkable your content is, but these actions expand your content audience as well.

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