Using Content to Attract Future Employees

By StoryStudio Jun 4, 2019

How Recruiters Can Use Content to Attract Top Candidates

If you’re a brand that is creating content just for your customers and soon to be customers, you may be forgetting about an entire pool of people who can grow your business: future employees.

In truth, content marketing can help attract high-quality employees and retain your successful ones as well. And at a time when the job market favors job seekers rather than employers, there are so many open positions that businesses need to use new techniques in order to fill these spots. To find the right candidates, and retain workers who may be eying other available options, use content marketing as a recruitment tool.

Share Your Mission

What is crucial to successful recruitment through content marketing is knowing how to tell your brand’s unique story. If you communicate your brand’s mission and vision in an engaging and informative way, you can generate interest about your brand and even earn the interest of possible job candidates. Update your social media accounts and blog frequently, in order to demonstrate consistency and value and share what makes your business special. The brand story, when told correctly, will captivate consumers and prospective employees alike.

Get Engaged

Social media posts can help communicate a brand’s story, yes, but they are also critical when it comes to making a business appear desirable to work with. You could stick with a more traditional recruitment approach by publishing stale job postings.

However, when you have social media tools at your disposal — tools that give your brand a voice and a personality — why settle for the old methods? Engage with potential employees via message boards, comments, Q&As, and polls. In doing so, job candidates can learn about job benefits, workplace culture, and more.

Don't Be Afraid to Show Off

Whether it’s on your website, on the company blog, or on any social media platform — add images or video to show and tell what the job is all about. Video tours of your office or of company headquarters can also entice new applicants, especially if you have perks like a gym, cafeteria, or special classes. 

It’s no wonder that content marketing is an effective way to find a loyal customer base. But remember: content marketing is not limited to reaching just your audience of prospective customers; it’s a great tool for recruiting new hires as well. 


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