The Power of Native Advertising for Small Businesses

By StoryStudio Jun 12, 2019

It's 2019 and traditional, disruptive advertising is (finally) on its way out.

Its replacement? Native advertising. 

Native ads have been growing at a substantial rate as they have increasingly become a trusted content marketing method for brands and businesses. Recent research estimates that revenue from native advertising will reach around 75% of the U.S. ad market by 2021. 

As content marketing generates leads and keeps your business relevant, native advertising seamlessly attracts new potential customers by using content that aligns with the style and theme of a third-party website or platform.

Even if—and especially if—you are a small business owner, the reasons to invest in native advertising and content marketing are near endless, and they should not be ignored. 

Capture More Attention

  • Compared to banner ads, viewers will pay 53% more attention to native advertising. (Marketing DigiBook). Viewers will even spend almost the same amount of time reading native ads as they do editorial content.

Stay on Everyone’s Radar

  • Since native ads are integrated more naturally into organic content, people are more likely to read, view, or consume the content you offer and less likely to ignore or overlook your advertisements. 

Keep Things Exciting

  • Native ads have more flexibility than traditional advertisements, so they provide engaging, interactive options to users. Instead of bombarding users with banners and traditional ads, you can entertain and excite them in the ways you mirror organic content. This provides a high-quality user experience for all involved.

Enhance Brand Visibility

  • According to one HubSpot survey, 85% of internet users feel that ads on social media, news aggregators, and applications are annoying. Plus, 85% of internet users say their browsing experiences are not hindered by native ads, which are less imposing than popups and other traditional types of advertising. Because target audiences receive native advertising better, you can much more effectively enhance how and how often your brand is seen.


Want to keep your native advertising and content marketing in good hands? Consider StoryStudio. With a non-disruptive approach, native advertisements from content creators like StoryStudio will create markedly better results than traditional ad formats. 

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