Running Out of Ideas for Fresh Content? Here's What to Do Now

By StoryStudio Jun 4, 2019

Your audience wants engaging, valuable content and they want it consistently. But when the demand for content is high, meeting your audience’s needs can be difficult. There may be times when you feel as if you have already exhausted your store of ideas. You may draw a blank and not know what kind of content to put out next.

Are you finding yourself at such a roadblock? Don’t worry. This obstacle in your path to content marketing success doesn’t have to be there forever. Here are some tips for dealing with a lack of inspiration.

  • Look to the past. Content you have already used can be amazingly versatile and reusable. Review your own top-performing content and rework it! Take one of your popular posts and turn it into a new form of content. Have a blog post that had high engagement numbers? Transform the post’s content into an interactive infographic, a video, or even a podcast. Remember, 79% of marketers reuse content two to five times and agree that content generates repeat visitors.

  • Look to your competitors. Avoid copying, but do take note of what content is most popular with those you are competing with in your industry. Are certain topics more embraced by your mutual audience? What can be improved? What drew the most engagement and has been performing well.

  • Survey your followers. This means you can even use interactive content like polls or surveys to figure out what to produce next. You can send out email blasts or post in groups and forums. Pick your audience’s brains for ideas and learn what they are excited about. Doing this engages the consumer and also helps you generate ideas!

  • Keep an eye on social media trends. If you’re not interested in asking your audience directly, dig through various social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook for ideas. What is trending? Some platforms allow you to search for topics within a specific field; this makes the process of sourcing ideas a bit less daunting.


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