Recycling Isn’t Just for Bottles and Cans—Reuse Content to Grab New Customers

By StoryStudio Jun 6, 2019

As a content creator, are you feeling the pressure of constantly coming up with new content? Do you feel like your content well is simply running dry and ideas aren’t just flowing like they used to?

Luckily, there is a simple and easy solution for that — and it involves recycling. 

It’s true: recycling doesn’t have to be just for cardboard boxes and aluminum cans. You can actually recycle and reuse content you have published in the past, and you may even be able to repurpose it, making it even more effective this time around.

Here are some genius ways to use the content you already have to contribute to a current or upcoming marketing campaign. 

  • Transform an old blog post. A blog post can be transformed into so many new and different content pieces. Why not repackage your blog posts into a new guide or E-book? Consolidate your work and consider offering it to those who sign up for an email newsletter — doing this allows you to increase your email leads and bring in more sales or brand visibility.

  • Record a webinar. Remember that webinar you hosted a few months ago? It was successful at the time, but of course, not everyone was able to attend. As time goes by, you will gain new site visitors and potential leads who weren’t able to see the live content you published in the past. Repurpose your webinar by transforming it into a YouTube video, so it has a place to live online for users to see and enjoy whenever it’s convenient. 

  • Consider creating a podcast. Podcasts are rapidly growing in popularity. Did you know that monthly podcast listeners grew from 24% of Americans to 26% year over year? In addition, 17% of marketers plan to add podcasting to their marketing efforts in the next year or so (HubSpot). Repurpose your videos and even blog posts into audio-only content pieces.

  • Get visual. According to CMO Council, approximately 65% of senior marketing executives believe visual assets (like photos, video, and infographics) are critical to the way their brand story is communicated. Statistics and numbers are especially powerful when communicated through visuals. Why not take old posts and convert that copy into something more visual?

When you find new ways to recycle your existing work, you give older but still great content another chance to shine and be promoted. Plus, old content that is reformatted for a different medium allows your brand or business to reach new audiences. 

Don’t be afraid to give your work a new lease on life — your customers will thank you for it! 

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