Proven Tactics to Keep your Content On Brand

By StoryStudio Jul 16, 2019

Success in today’s crowded digital world demands that you differentiate yourself, services and products from those of your competitors to stand out. A clear voice, style, and personality will set you apart from the rest to make your brand easily recognizable.

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With so many existing social platforms, media formats, websites and apps, keeping your brand’s voice, style, and personality consistent across the board can be a challenge. But for your message and brand identity to consistently hit home, you need to keep your content “on brand” with a coherent cross-channel strategy.

Think strategically about your brand’s identity.

What does your brand stand for? What is its story?

Keeping answers to these questions top of mind will help you make sure your copy, imagery, videos, and overall online presence stay on brand.

Next, focus on developing guidelines about your brand’s tone and style.

Shayla Price, a B2B marketer, advises you create a style guide to ensure brand consistency. As she says, "With an up-to-date style guide, it doesn’t matter where you sell because your team has specific guidelines to steer the brand direction.”

After style standards are set, refer to them when you create new campaigns and content.

A steady and reliable brand presence is a key component of a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Audiences should never see your brand represented by content that doesn’t match their identity. 

Online (and offline), content is king. But don’t sacrifice the voice of your brand by rushing to produce meaningless comments, campaigns, or posts, even if online users are hungry for content. Focus on consistency to connect with target audiences and hit your business goals.

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