It's Time to Go Native

By StoryStudio Jun 13, 2019

The latest and greatest trend in marketing is here, and it looks like it won’t be going away for a long time.

Native advertising is paid content that looks like organic content. That is to say, the consumer comes face-to-face with videos, articles, infographics — you name it — and may not even realize that what they are looking at is an advertisement in disguise. 

A native ad in a magazine, for example, may be hard to spot if it simply takes on the form of another article. This native ad will be mistaken for actual magazine content, as it has been designed to fit flawlessly into the articles that surround it. 

So why go native? Isn’t traditional advertising enough? Here are a few reasons why your brand or business should set its sights on native advertising.

Native ads bring in higher click-through and engagement rates.

Above all else, advertisers and brands love native advertising because these types of ads result in skyrocketing click-through rates.

Native ads can see click-through rates that are five to eight times higher than those of banner ads. One survey by Sharethrough found that “consumers engaged with native ads 53% more frequently than traditional ads.” When asked, 32% of these consumers reported they would “share a native ad with someone they know.”

Native is perfect for today’s mobile world.

Did you know that the average US adult spends 86 hours per month on their phone?

Americans are used to nonstop content consumption and spend a majority of their screentime on their mobile devices. They are adaptable by design so native ads work well on all devices, and especially on mobile phones and tablets.

Marketers have taken note of the success of these ads on mobile and are putting more of their eggs into the native basket. eMarketer forecasts that this year 62.7% of mobile display ad revenue will be comprised of native ads, with native accounting for 95.6% of social digital display ad spend.


Native is non-disruptive.

Marketers use native advertising to reach their target audience in a way that doesn’t interrupt the user experience.

Unlike traditional advertisements such as banner ads or pop-ups, a native ad fits a given web page’s form and function, allowing the user’s browsing experience to remain largely unaffected. If a consumer doesn’t feel like they’re being advertised to, they are way more likely to take an interest in what you have to say.  

Get started now.

If you haven’t added native advertising to your marketing mix just yet, there is no better time than now to jump on board. Ready to get started? Introduce yourself here to learn more about how StoryStudio will make going native easy for your business.

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