It's Time to Get Serious About Video Content

By StoryStudio Jun 4, 2019

Video content is quickly becoming the most consumed digital content among internet users, and a vital part of many marketers' digital playbooks.

Are you neglecting video in your current content marketing strategy? 

Chances are, many of your competitors aren’t—statistics from Wyzowl report that 63% of businesses use videos in their content marketing, and 82% of those businesses “feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy.” 

Still not convinced? Consider the following four reasons why video will positively impact your brand's digital presence.

Video boosts sales.

If you add a product video on your website’s landing page, conversions can increase by 80%, and email click-through rates can increase by up to 250%.

Videos that explain how or when to use a product, for example, can have far reaching benefits for your business such as cutting your customer service reps some slack or even helping sell new users on your products. Even if articles or online posts are thorough and detailed, visual demonstrations can lead to serious sales. 

Video leads to better SEO.

Videos will boost the chances of your brand being on Google’s front page by 53 times, partly because a video will keep your online visitors on your page for an average of 2 minutes longer. Make sure your videos are properly SEO optimized on YouTube as well. Give them an interesting title, write relevant descriptions, and always link videos back to your products and services. 

Users engage more with videos.

In comparison to blog posts or other long form content, audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with, comment on, and share video content on social media. It's been shown that 65% of viewers will often watch more than 75% of a video.

If social media rules the online world, and videos rule social media, who could argue against video’s importance for your business?

Video content gets your message across.

A well-made video gives you many different ways to communicate your brand’s mission, unique story, and identity. You can keep edits simple, or you can get more creative and include complex visual effects that capture attention much more than text-based content. 

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