How Providence Saint Joseph Health Uses Storytelling to Reach New Audiences

By StoryStudio Jan 8, 2020
Mary Renouf-Hanson, Associate Vice President of Integrated Communications at Well Being Trust and Associate Vice President of Social and Influencer Strategy Providence Saint Joseph Health, is no stranger to online marketing. With more than 18 years of social and digital marketing experience in health care, sports, entertainment, and technology industries under her belt, it’s no surprise that content marketing plays a major role in Providence St. Joseph Health's digital marketing strategy.

Renouf-Hanson has cited the StoryStudio in particular as a real asset to their content marketing program. "We wanted to work with StoryStudio for many reasons, and our goals varied by the campaign,” she explains. "The StoryStudio team brings immense value by leveraging the creativity of their editorial and production teams on each campaign. Their entire process, the products they provide, and the ideas their team comes up with help our organization bring great stories to life,” says Renouf-Hanson.

Before working with StoryStudio, Providence St. Joseph Health set goals focusing on metrics important to their business success. They needed both editorial expertise and access to premium digital properties to achieve their goals of growing brand awareness, increasing engagement rates, communicating their values, and spreading the word about the important services they provide the community. Renouf-Hanson and her team turned to StoryStudio to make sure their stories was told the right way and put in front of the right people. Together, we crafted stories covering important topics such as mental health, diversity, the opioid epidemic, immigration, and homelessness, while interviewing patients, healthcare practitioners, and doctors to share their unique perspectives. 
Providence St  Joseph Health Case Study

One of the challenges a company the size of Providence St. Joseph Health often faces is putting together cohesive content marketing campaigns that stay true to the brand's guiding principles while speaking to diverse audiences. With a presence across seven states, Providence St. Joseph Health's campaigns tend to differ vastly by brand, geographic location, and target audience. During the same month, Providence St. Joseph Health often is running multiple content marketing campaigns each discussing a different topic with a unique campaign goal. However, at the StoryStudio we are no strangers to complex digital campaigns and we work hard to make the process turn-key for our clients. And it worked. According to Renouf-Hanson, the StoryStudio team always delivers “the right options, the right target, and over-delivers on campaign results.”

With their StoryStudio partnership, Providence St. Joseph Health has not only met, but exceeded their goals. We were able to deliver over 60 million native ad impressions, bringing over 125,000 readers in their target audience to their content and overdelivering on the contracted amount of story reads by 215%. Plus, we provide in-depth campaign analytics so together, we can deep dive into the metrics and determine which types of content resonate the most with their target audience to inform future content decisions.
But what does Renouf-Hanson value the most about StoryStudio? "Over time,” she says, "the team has stayed on top of our work overall and makes suggestions for how to weave things in and extend the life of one story as we move into another—they try to build a consumer journey."

Interested in learning more? View the Case Study here.

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