From the Experts: The Best Tips for Generating Unique Content

By Alison Pfaff Jul 29, 2020

Industry thought leaders always stay relevant and valued by consumers and even competitors alike. The most successful and most strategic business experts know that thought leadership can truly set a brand apart from the rest — and they know that to stand out, they need to invest in content marketing. 

If you require fresh content ideas, look to these experts for more guidance and advice. You might learn a thing or two!  

Play up your strengths.

“Every business has something that makes it different from the rest. Create content that supports that. For instance, we worked with a restaurant that serves primarily ethnic dishes that not everyone is familiar with. They created a video tutorial on how to eat the dishes they serve. It was a huge success and went viral on social media.”

  • Laura Cole, Vivial 

Command attention with video.

“Just like you can use a great infographic as a way to visually promote a case study, blog post or landing page, you can use video marketing to turn up the heat. Stay on brand. Keep it short and simple.”

  • Jason Hall, FiveChannels Marketing

Know your audience...

“Start with the customer and work backwards.” 

  • Amazon’s motto shows why it's no surprise they're dominating digital sales right now.

“The best place to look for content ideas is the people who consume your content – your prospects. What do they want to know? What do they find important? Now you may not be able to survey your prospects, but you can talk to the people who are closest to them —your sales team.” 

  • Dean Moothart, LeadG2 Director of Client Solutions

...and your competition.

“Go to your competition's websites, click on their ads, sign up for newsletters, and “like” or “follow” their social channels to see what topics they discuss. Find white space and identify topics you have a leadership position in or a category where you can become the leader if no one else has a point of view.” 

  • Kieley Taylor, GroupM

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