3 Engaging Content Strategies to Market Your Beauty Brand

By Alison Pfaff Jul 6, 2022

Not all content strategies are created equal. When it comes to reaching consumers in the beauty space, it’s imperative that brands communicate to their audiences with authentic yet playful content, meant to spark joy and deliver a sense of autonomy.

Fun, engaging pieces can highlight a beauty product’s unique features and appeal, but you’ll also need a story to tell. We all want to look good and feel good; the beauty industry is one of the fastest growing markets with constantly shifting trends. That’s why you’ll need a strong concept to stand out – one that captivates reader attention while inviting them to be an active partner in the quest to learn more about an exciting new brand or product.  


Gimme the Facts 

Information is power, so why not share the facts? So much of beauty marketing is emotional but your audience craves some hard numbers, too! Including stats on active ingredients, clinical trials, or customer reviews can help your readers make informed decisions on why your product stands out. Leveraging straightforward science, data points, and playful infographics, readers will be compelled to get involved and discover the real-life ways products can improve their lives and routines.

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An Influential Game Plan 

Nothing turns heads in the beauty space more than your favorite influencer showing off an exciting new brand. Much like word-of-mouth product recommendations among friends, influencer recommendations done right should feel genuine and help build authentic connection between your audience and your brand. Then influencers will do what they do best, connect their followers to the brand, personally demonstrating the benefits of a new product and how best to apply it to their daily lives.


Give it a Spin 

What’s more convenient than trying on the newest beauty product you’ve been eyeing without even leaving your couch? Participation is one of the most powerful ways to create brand interest and loyalty. Social activations like augmented reality (AR) filters let users experiment with beauty products without ever even having touched them offline. 

Take color cosmetics – filters can guide users through personalized questions until a product recommendation appears, and then allow them to try it on virtually. Sampling a brand’s latest and greatest offerings allows users to feel connected to a campaign right through their phone screen.

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