5 Proven Facts Every Content Marketer Should Know About Engagement

By Alison Pfaff Jun 7, 2019

One of the biggest indicators that your business is providing value to consumers is if your consumers interact with your content. 

This interaction—also called engagement—is not easily attained, however. You will need proper strategy, some creativity, and lots of consistency to generate engagement. Want to learn more?

Here are 5 must-know things you should keep in mind during your content marketing journey: 

  • Engagement builds strong relationships with your audience. You know your online presence matters, but do you know why? Simply put, effective engagement with your demographic attracts your target audience, strengthens the relationship you have with consumers, and develops brand loyalty over time.

  • Your approach to engaging others doesn’t always have to stay the same.
    Audience tastes, needs, and wants will evolve. Some of these changes are sparked by societal trends or technological advancements. No matter the reason for the changing tides, the fact that things change in the first place is enough reason to switch up how you engage with your demographic. Experiment with new messaging approaches and see what brings the results you desire. Play around with the visuals of your content, the length of your copy, or your tone and style. 

  • Engagement is a two-way street.
    Having a customer engage with your content—sending messages, liking, and commenting on posts, etc.—requires a response from you. This takes due diligence and a good amount of time and effort. Responding to customer interactions quickly and professionally shows consumers that you care and that you’re available for them.

  • Your publishing volume matters. 
    How often and how much content you post can significantly affect how often your audience engages with your brand, if at all. Test your publishing volume. If you post too often, your audience will feel spammed and annoyed; if you post infrequently, your audience will hardly know you exist. Find your publishing volume sweet spot.

  • Engagement doesn’t happen overnight.
    Modern marketing that works well does not produce results in an instant. Instead, effective marketing engages and earns the attention of consumers, drawing in potential clients. Engagement is a slow build, but it nurtures relationships, establishing credibility along the way. 



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