30 Email Marketing Call to Action Examples You'll Want to Remember

By Alison Pfaff May 19, 2020

Segmented email sent to your subscribers is more than just a simple way to stay connected to customers. Each message and email you send out is a new opportunity to engage with users on a deeper level. Critical to this goal of deeper engagement is something called a “call to action” — this is a button or linked text that directs a user to a website. As a brand or business, you select where your email subscribers can go from your email. But how do you compel your audience to perform this action?

After you confirm that your button or link design stands out, catches the eye, and is easy to read and understand, make sure the call to action you incorporate makes the right impression on the reader. CTAs should be direct,  concise, and straightforward. A mere two to six words will work wonders here. Plus it shouldn't be a mystery where you're directing your audience to. Your CTA needs to make it clear where and why they're following the link.

Sound difficult? It' doesn't have to be!

If you need a little assistance crafting your next call to action, here are 30 examples that will guide you in the right direction.

  • Buy now
  • Act today
  • Learn more
  • Read more here
  • Count me in!
  • Sign me up
  • Save my spot
  • Register here
  • Get results now
  • Give feedback
  • Let us know how we did
  • Follow us
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Stay connected on social
  • Sign up and save
  • Book an order
  • Book ahead
  • Spread holiday cheer
  • Claim your coupon
  • Register now
  • Say hello
  • Choose a sample
  • Find out how
  • Start today
  • I’m ready
  • Make me a VIP
  • Upgrade now
  • Watch now
  • Download the eBook
  • Shop deals now

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