3 Content Marketing Methods for Outstanding Lead Generation Results

By Alison Pfaff May 7, 2020

You don’t have to search for a secret method when it comes to achieving incredible lead generation results. Instead, look towards content marketing and you will build the best lead generation strategies for your brand or business.

But what kind of content will lend you the best results? Which kinds of content capture certain kinds of leads? Try these 3 content marketing methods and you’ll soon find out.

Build a library of case studies.

Did you know that research indicates case studies are one of the top three most effective content marketing tactics for B2B marketing? A consumer case study will demonstrate how your product or service has been valuable and success for past consumers. It typically details a specific challenge customers encounter, and then presents to this audience the steps past customers have taken to find a solution. With a case study, you can exercise powerful storytelling skills while also presenting your brand or business as the one thing that can solve a problem customers face.

Looking for an example of an impactful case study? View a few of ours here.

Host a webinar.

If you host a webinar that creates real value to people, your chances are good when it comes to generating leads. In a webinar, you can provide real-world applications of your products, dispense knowledge and expertise, and even train webinar viewers. Webinars are also important because they allow you to gauge audience interest in what you have to offer, and can help you attain audience contact details and insight.

Create an e-book.

An e-book may sound old fashioned during this digital age, but the reality is e-books have distinct benefits that cannot be denied. Inexpensive to produce and simple to distribute, e-books allow you to establish your business as credible and as an authority. You can charge money for e-books, but giving them out for free to your target audience is a great way to collect contact email addresses, which you can use to remarket your products to your audience down the line.

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