20 Actionable Content Tips for Real Estate Marketers

By Alison Pfaff Feb 6, 2020

The benefits of content marketing for real estate agents and businesses are undeniable. The real estate content you put out can do a long list of things: bring solutions and helpful information to clients (both new and old), build your reputation, establish trust with clients, increase brand awareness, and generate quality leads.

These days, content marketing will prove to be especially critical for your success in the real estate world. Competition is fierce, and content marketing will help you stand out at a time when sellers and buyers head to the internet for information and resources.


So what can you do to level up your content marketing? See the tips below for a list of effective and unique ideas!

  1. Regularly publish content on regional publications in your area, such as local news sites.
  2. Develop a downloadable buyer’s or seller’s guide that will answer prospective clients’ questions.
  3. Create an email newsletter — provide tips and helpful content to email subscribers.
  4. Make sure your content is SEO friendly. Optimize your content!
  5. Increase conversion rates up to 80% by adding video to your landing pages.
  6. Create more types of  videos, such as testimonials, live property walkthroughs, real estate tips and tricks, and just sold announcements.
  7. Get a professional headshot to elevate your brand professionally.
  8. Mix up the types of content you post.
  9. Have a distinctive look (e.g., a color scheme for all content) for your brand.
  10. Develop a strong real estate agent bio to add to your website and property specific landing pages.
  11. Ask previous clients to review your services online.
  12. Ask your happiest former clients for testimonials — written is good, but photos and videos are even more effective!
  13. For clients who have financial questions, make a document or calculator that can help them calculate their expenses before or after a sale.
  14. Use high-quality imagery with all content.
  15. Craft a responsive, adaptable website that has various search functions.
  16. Add lead capture forms on your website to generate leads.
  17. Create multiple websites — why not create one website solely for a particular large geographic area or niche area of the market?
  18. Guest post on other well-known real estate blogs.
  19. Post on various social media platforms often.
  20. Make effective calls to action — use copy that compels.

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